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Interview with Michael Embry

Glenn M. Davis, author of “Keeping The Peace: Tales From The Old West” discusses his childhood influences, military background, experiences as a bail enforcement agent, and the path that led to him penning his first book.


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The Books

Keeping The Peace

In Keeping the Peace – Tales from the Old West we have a collection of lesser known stories of old west lawmen. The stories begin with the murder of Dora Hand, a very popular saloon singer in Dodge City, Kansas. Dora was in the wrong place at the wrong time and was murdered while she slept. The crime scene was investigated by Assistant City Marshal Wyatt Earp and Sheriff Bat Masterson who would lead a posse to hunt for her killer.

Keeping The Peace

Tales Of The Old West

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Love and Danger

The stories in this book are about women who witnessed some of the most historic events in the old west. These characters include Calamity Jane, Big Nose Kate, Josephine Earp, and others. The lives they led were affected by the old west legends they married. These women found love but lived with anxiety and fear because of the dangerous world in which they lived. Some have been obscured by history while others became historic figures.

Love and Danger

In The Old West

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The Author

Glenn Davis is a retired U.S. Navy Chief and a Vietnam War veteran. During his career he safeguarded our nation’s top military secrets while serving with the Defense Intelligence Agency.  Following his retirement from the Navy, Glenn worked in the private sector in a variety of positions in security management.  Most notable of his career experiences would be his work as a Private Investigator and Bail Enforcement Agent where he utilized his skills as a fugitive hunter.

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Peter Maxwell’s House, Fort Sumner, New Mexico

The Maxwell House was in Old Fort Sumner, New Mexico. Lucien Maxwell had rebuilt the Officer’s Quarters into a 20-room house. After Lucien Maxwell died in 1875, his Fort Sumner mansion became the home of his only son, Peter Maxwell. Pete continued managing the... read more

John Escapule (not Doc Holliday) of Tombstone, Arizona

Have you ever seen this photo before? He is widely seen in old west books, articles, and on the internet. For years he has been identified as Doc Holliday. In reality this man is John Escapule (1857–1926). Escapule was originally from France and was an early settler... read more


The Death of Johnny Ringo

The Death of Johnny Ringo

The body of the legendary outlaw Johnny Ringo was found dead in Turkey Creek Canyon outside of Tombstone. It looked as if Ringo had shot himself in the head and the official ruling was that he had committed suicide. Some believed, however, that he had been murdered... read more


Lozen Painting

Lozen Painting

Lozen (c. 1840-1889) was a great warrior and a prophetess of the Chihenne Chiricahua Apache. She was the sister of Victorio, a prominent chief. Lozen was, according to legends, able to use her powers in battle to learn the movements of the enemy. Victorio said,... read more

I’m Your Huckleberry

Scene from Tombstone

Doc Holliday

This is one of the most popular lines in the movie.

You Tell ‘Em I’m Comin’!

Scene from Tombstone

Wyatt Earp

Kurt Russell’s chilling delivery of this line is an absolute fan favorite.

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